ZeeTee™ is a multi seller online e-commerce platform, where anybody can list their items that are legal and valid  for online sale.  ZeeTee™ works on the basis of a paid subscription system.

Simply, users need to register on  ZeeTee Platform and subscribe to any of its subscription plans. The ZeeTee™ service will be introduced soon to its users. And more details will be given on the time of its launch.

Free Trials

  • ZeeTee™ Subscription Plans
  • *The Price Plan is only for demo.
  • 20 Products
  • 1 Category
  • No COD
  • Online Payment


  • ZeeTee™ Subscription Plans
  • *Introductory offer 50% off
  • 20 Classified Ads
  • Multiple category


  • Aamar Dukan Subscription Plan
  • Product Limit : 20
  • Storage Limit : 100MB
  • Subdomain only
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Panel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • SEO Sitemap
  • Multi Language
  • Image Optimisation

Pro Pack

₹2299/10 items
  • ZeeTee™ Subscription Plans
  • *The Price Plan is only for demo.
  • 10 ( Ten ) Products
  • 3 Team Members
  • 100 Leads
  • 100000 Page Impressions
  • Validity 15days per clasiified

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