We at Kiyashi Tech Media Pvt. Ltd, a Startup India initiative, a leading technology service provider from Northeast India is introducing an exclusive content distribution and protocol design for remote locations with disconnected environments. Looking at the current market capacity and sustainability factors TOUR-TALKIES is introducing Non DCI system to playback the distributed content.  Using our DRM ( Digital Right Management ) encryption system, the content will be distributed to the TOUR-TALKIES operator for the remote locations. The movies available for distribution on a service depend on the distribution rights and media properties of the related producers or the parent production company. It’s similar to the way that film distribution services must negotiate with the producers to get distribution rights. Our endeavor is to render out a service that helps both the producer and the show operator to showcase their content using the latest encryption technology. Following are the common feature of our Media Protection service.


        - Encrypt media files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

        - Hardware key binding with PC, USB Disk, and CD.

        - Dynamics Watermarking

        - Password Protection

        - Encryption with key-file

        - Cross-Platform Support 

        - Prevent Screen Recording

        - Online Password Blacklist 

    We have a growing catalog of content for local movies to showcase on our service protocols. 


        - Content Security

        - Cost Reduction

        - Reach Wider Audience

        - Pan India Distribution

        - Compact Prints

        - Cover Remote Locations

        - Disconnected Environment

        - In-Cinema Advertisement

        - Customized Support & Solution


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