Using the offline Payment option can get payment from the customers via bank transfer, check payment or any other custom manual payments. For example, a customer first placed an order selecting an offline payment method, then he/she can transfer money to the company's bank account, deposit a check into the company’s bank account or any other method according to the instruction and submit transaction id, necessary screenshot for verification and same can finally be checked and approved and get paid.

The Company delivers in house products, seller delivers his products. So when a seller products are sold via cash on delivery & seller delivers his product, the seller received  the money. For this case he got full money for the product price. The Company didn’t receive his commission. For this case the seller has a due amount (commission amount) which the seller needs to pay to Company. This balance is shown as a negative amount in his panel. Suppose a product price is Rs. 1000/- and admin commission is 10%, then seller has Rs.100/- due to Company.

Alternatively when a seller’s product is sold via online payment and seller delivers his product. For this case Company is receiving the money as the Company payment gateway is configured. For this case Company has due to the seller. Suppose a product price is Rs.1000 and Company commission is 10%, then company has Rs. 900/- due to the seller. This value is shown as + value(seller income) in seller panel.

Seller can only make withdrawal request if he has withdrawable amount. Means if he has due to company then he can not make a withdrawal request.

Product refund is the process by which a customer will be able to request a refund for his/her previously purchased product with definite reason and if the retailer or vendor approves the refund, the refunded amount will be added to the customer’s wallet. So, later on, with this added amount, the customer can purchase again (different product than the refunded one).

Simply, users need to register on  ZeeTee™ Platform and subscribe to any of its subscription plans. The ZeeTee™ service will introduce soon to it user. And more details will be given on the time of its launch.